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Aerial Imagery and Property Data for Commercial Real Estate

Generate High-Impact Marketing Collateral and Assess Properties Remotely with Aerial Imagery

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EagleView captures and provides high-resolution aerial imagery that helps commercial real estate professionals showcase properties from the best possible angles. Generate real estate maps to show closest intersections, points of interest, and property features with access to our nationwide database of more than 1B high-resolution aerial images and property data. 

Stunning Property Imagery and Data for Commercial Sites

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Imagery and Data Use Cases for Commercial Real Estate

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Clear and Current Imagery

Easily find and export ultra-clear aerial images from both top-down and side-angles perspectives to showcase available properties from all angles

Use our pre-built data layers to show nearby intersections, points of interest, and parcel data, and export annotated images to share with prospective buyers.

View new potential sites remotely from anywhere. See building condition information and other key property details before traveling on-site.

Property Imagery for Marketing

Real Estate Maps

Identify New Investments

Why EagleView

More Clarity. More Confidence.

Recent coverage, with new imagery from the top 50 US metros captured annually

Coverage for 94% of the U.S. population with more than 1B images in our database

5 cm or better ground sample distance - significantly better than standard satellite imagery

View Properties and Sites in 3D 

Using high-resolution aerial imagery as a base, generate stunning 3D renderings and models with the ability to reproduce the smallest details, including cars, trees, fences, and walls with advanced color balancing and high-quality texturing.

Because EagleView imagery is high-resolution and geospatially referenced, you can also measure distance and area, analyze shade/shadows, view contour and slope maps, and more within your 3D visualizations.

View Properties and Sites in 3D